Guida dell’Accademia Nazionale di MTB

I’m a guide of the National MTB Academy and I’m in love with Monferrato. The passion for the history and traditions of my hills lead me to let people, who slowly travel with me, experience a real journey through time to rediscover Monferrato.

Spoken languages: Italian

Accompagnatore cicloturistico Regione Piemonte

I’m a Piedmont Region cycling tour leader and a FCI Master Instructor of road and off-road cycling.

I put at your disposal over 25 years of experience in the Piedmont area. In addition to letting you experience naturalistic, historical, cultural and food and wine experiences, I can offer you safety management concepts, plan the itineraries that best suit your needs to let you experience the outdoor context in absolute safety and relaxation, or in pure spirit of adventure.

Spoken languages: Italian


Hi, my name is Sven: born in Dresden, citizen of the world and Piedmontese by adoption. Over the years I traveled in Italy, I became more and more passionate about this country, the versatility and richness of biodiversity is simply unique, the breathtaking landscapes, the excellent food, the culture and its people. These were and still are the reasons why I live in this country.

All this I try to convey on my travels, to give my guests a piece of Italy to take home, insights into a country, which could not be more versatile.

As a professional travel, hiking and cycling guide, I am always on the lookout for new peaks, the best cycling routes and the most beautiful places for an aperitif after a day full of new impressions. Whether on foot or by bike, I look forward to traveling with you.

Spoken languages: Italian, English, German